Youtech’s Story

In 2012, Wilbur You started Youtech with just $600 dollars in the bank and nowhere to set up. For a while, the company operated out of his parents’ basement, where You and his team cold-called 100 companies every day. All the computers were leased, and the furniture was secondhand. They were offering full-build websites for just $500. Nine times out of ten, they were rejected when they called a prospect. But all it takes is one acceptance.

The first years were hard—yet, the Youtech team persevered. They paid off the computers, bought some new furniture, and, better yet, expanded their client list. Fast forward a couple of years, and their Chicago office is booming.

In 2018, Youtech expanded to sunny Scottsdale, Arizona, and began building up a team to bring digital marketing to local businesses. They were successful and generated millions of dollars in revenue.

2021 was a big year for Youtech. Coming off a hard hit from the pandemic, Youtech rallied and came out of it stronger, better, and ready to continue establishing its presence in the marketing industry. Youtech expanded to Dallas. By February, the Chicago team moved into a bigger office. Scottsdale followed soon after, moving into a brand-new 10,000-square-foot office in November.

What started with $600 is now worth millions. Youtech is a full-service digital marketing agency with three offices, 80+ employees, and 1000s of clients worldwide.

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