Wilbur You’s Story

As a Chinese American immigrant, You’s new life began at the age of two, when he and his widowed mother journeyed to the US.

Her first job was at Baskin-Robbins—a meager $5.50 per hour—and she did not speak any English.

You’s family could have settled on this form of living. But despite the challenges, they only pushed forward.

You watched as his mother pursued further education, receiving her CPA and advancing from Baskin-Robbins to Division Accounting Manager. This showed You the value of hard work and how it leads to success.

Wilbur You and Family
Wilbur you Family

His knack for problem-solving began at the age of 10 when You developed an online game that attracted over 10,000 active users. Though the game would eventually get shut down, this kindled his entrepreneurial drive.

In the following years, there were many other tried attempts at entrepreneurship. At 18 he tried to launch a business—twice—to no avail.

After working as a Marketing Coordinator in college for a short time, he tried again a final time.

With only $600 and the help of two friends, he launched Youtech. You was cold calling 100 companies a day, working up to 80 hours a week. And the hard work paid off.

Since then, Youtech has only moved upward. Channeling his setbacks, failures, and hardship, You jump-started this notable digital marketing agency, composed of 80+ creative individuals and servicing over 3000+ companies worldwide. In the upcoming years, You would go on to win Forbes’ 30 Under 30 award twice in a row. Youtech expanded from Illinois to Arizona and Texas.

Wilbur You didn’t let his shortcomings dictate his success. He was fueled by them.

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